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Drill Set #52-67 6pc


6pc Drill Set/#52-#67

Drill Set #60-80 W/Dome 20pc


20pc Drill Set/#61-#80 w/Dome Stand

WDS Low Temp Foam Glue Gun 1445


The Glue Gun, with Low Temp Foam Glue Sticks, operates at a temperature that will not damage foam and bonds instantly.

Foam Cutter Bow & Guild


The Bow attachment adds versatility to the Hot Wire Foam Cutter. Attach the Guide for precise angle cuts (handle not included).

WDS Cutter Replacement Wire 1436


Special nichrome wire retains an even temperature needed to cut our foam products. Use only with our Hot Wire Foam Cutter. 4 ft.

WDS Hot Wire Foam Cutter 1435


The Hot Wire Foam Cutter has adjustable collars allowing for clean, accurate cuts in foam. Woodland Scenics recommends using only on SubTerrain white foam which emits no toxic fumes. Use only special nichrome replacement wire. The throat of the Hot Wire F

WDS Foam Knife Blades 4 pc 1434


Four replacement blades for the Woodland Scenics Foam Knife. 2"" long.

Foam Knife


The Foam Knife comes with a 2"" replaceable blade that is ideal for cutting thick pieces of foam.

Train Scale Rule 1:48 O


1:48 Scale Rule for O Scale

Train Scale Rule 1:43 O


1:43 Scale Rule For O Scale